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 About Us


On our mission trips we......

1. Reveal God’s unconditional love, grace and goodness to those who want to receive it. We do this by teaching God’s Word but also by putting our faith into action and taking whatever practical steps God shows us, to stand with, believe in and encourage those we are teaching.

2. Provide opportunities for youth and adults to learn a trade and/or start a small business in order to sustain themselves and their families.

3. Educate orphans, severely disadvantaged children and youth, giving them an opportunity that most other children already have.

4. Offer practical instruction to those living in hopeless situations, introducing self-sustaining projects to break the cycle of poverty and give a better quality of life.

5. Bring hope to widows by giving a helping hand in whatever ways they need it most.

6. Relieve suffering by helping those who cannot afford medical treatment.

7. Inspire people to dream big and believe that God has a good plan and purpose for their lives. We stand with them and show them they can overcome their obstacles and succeed.









We provide the following in order to bless the people we minister to in Western Kenya.

Christian Based Business Training, Micro-Financing Loans and Skills Based Training for Life.

Educational Equipment and Building a School for Orphans and Destitute Children Implementing a sponsorship program.

Building New Homes for Widows and their Children/Grandchildren.

Planting fruit and nut trees and vast assortment of crops.

          Providing Clean Drinking Water through water harvesting

          Water purification systems to prevent sickness and disease.

Solar Power and lamps to eradicate the use of dangerous kerosene.

Teaching to enable local people to be health conscious and self-sustaining.

Ministering in churches, homes, crusades, youth and widows meetings and in prisons.


















 Free 2 Be is a Christian ministry which exists to encourage people to be everything God created them to be. We realise that God created each one of us with purpose and potential to make this world a better place. He loves us and believes in us and directs our paths.  If we will give Him space in our lives He will turn even negative circumstances for our good. We can overcome the greatest of obstacles, becoming who He created us to be and doing what He created us to do, fulfilling our purpose for being on the planet and reaching our destiny.

All this comes by living out of our relationship with God. He is faithful and will bring people along our path to encourage us along the way into the purpose and destiny He has designed uniquely for us.


Our Patron

Free 2 Be are delighted to have Fiona Hendley Jones as their Patron. Her passion for God shines through as she ministers His unconditional love and faithfulness. She is an awesome ambassador for God as she represents Free 2 Be.


Fiona Hendley Jones

Fiona has worked in various areas of theatre, music and media, including The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal National Theatre, and Television ranging from Linda La Plante’s first award-winning series “Widows” to “The 700 Club” (a programme she presented with her husband - musician and broadcaster Paul Jones). Fiona is passionate to see souls saved, and now travels as an evangelist and Bible-teacher. Paul and Fiona live in Surrey.



Fiona writes......

It is such a blessing to be associated with the amazing work of Free 2 Be Christian Ministry. It is so moving to think of the lives that have been, and will be changed by the love, help and compassion of this very special ministry. Oh to God be the glory for His wonderful goodness and the precious souls that are now experiencing His favour.







Heading-up Our Team in Kenya

Pastor Geoffrey Ruchu

We met Pastor Geoffrey in 2007. He has a wife, Christine and 2 children. He has worked for the Red Cross as a volunteer for many years, he is a trained theatre nurse and also makes prosthetic limbs. He is Pastor in Chebukwa village, Bungoma, Western Kenya and is co-ordinating our visits.










Pastor Julius Kinaibei

We have known Pastor Julius and Metrine since our first visit to Bungoma in 2007.

They themselves live in a very small 2 roomed mud hut but are giving all they have to show the children in their village they are loved, accepted and worthy of an education. They have 1 son, Ernest. Julius is the Pastor in Makutano village, Bungoma, Western Kenya and is the founder of Free 2 Be Primary School.


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