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  • We visit the people in the villages and inspire them to reach out and expand their vision, to reach their potential and enjoy life to the full.
  • We encourage them to work together, to help each other and dream big.
  • We raise funds at home in the UK and New Zealand to give them practical help to reach towards their goals in this remote area of Western Kenya.
  • The people are intelligent and eager to work, however they have had little or no input from the government and certainly no financial or practical support.
  • All they need are opportunities and they can begin to rise up and break the cycle of poverty which has held them for generations.
  • A Hand-out Disables and Causes Dependence.
  • A Hand-up Enables and Gives Independence. 


Thank you from us and from the people who's lives you are transforming ......and may you be 'Free 2 Be' ....everything you were created to be.

All the following projects are already in action; 2 whole villages are benefiting from the youngest to the oldest in our 2 communities. There is so much happening and it takes lots of research here in the UK which is why we haven't got time to put them on our website!! Watch this space though, we are uploading them as quick as we can.

Some of our community projects...

  • Solar lamp project
  • Technical training college
  • Clean water provision
  • Child sponsorship
  • Teens sponsorship
  • Business training and micro-finance
  • Widows houses
  • Fruit tree project
  • Prison ministry
  • Treating jiggers


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