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Mattresses for Mama's



Many of the widows in our 2 villages sleep on a hard mud floor.

We have a very special supporter who gives us a donation each month to buy a mattress for a widow.

That's why you see so many photos of us delivering mattresses to those who cannot afford one. 











Emily and her 5 children were sleeping on a pile of old rags when we went to build her a house, we made sure they had a mattress for
Emily and the 2 girls and one for the 3 boys.













Rispah has 4 grandchildren who were all sleeping on the hard mud floor.














 We always find novel ways of delivering them...














Ritah got her new mattress after we had prayed for her painful back.















Just showing our strength now!













 Arriving at a blind widows house .......














...and praying with her after making up her bed.














Delivering to 3 children.
















Jentrix receiving her mattress and the good news that we would be building her a new house.













It is a mission trip and not a holiday!!!












Simon was healed of epilepsy, responded to God's love for him and got 2 mattresses for his family all in one day.











Sometimes we're overloaded with blessings...















 ...and it is a major removal job.

















 Some are delivered just in time for bed!













 ...and the recipients are always very happy.


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