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"Sympathy is no substitute for action." 
– David Livingstone, missionary to Africa
In 2007, while on a mission to Kenya from Bible college, the Lord opened my eyes to the horrific conditions the people of the rural villages of Chemwa and Khaoya lived in. It would have been too easy to feel only sympathy for them and gone home but the Lord had a plan for me being there and was about to move my heart into action. With the touch on my heart, and many of yours, he provided, not only the desire, but the anointing to do what we have done. It is amazing to see what has been accomplished and as we look back now it is so clear to see His hand on this place, and us, as there is no way we could have accomplished all that has been achieved with the time and resources we have had.
He moved me out of my comfort zone and inspired many of you to join me. The amazing thing is that as soon as we move outside our comfort zone we may feel uncomfortable for a little while then the adjustment kicks in and we start to become familiar with our new surroundings and then even begin to feel...you guessed it....COMFORTABLE! Wow! What the Lord has done is ‘marvellous in our eyes’! We've expanded our comfort zone, moved beyond ourselves and grown our world!! It is so typical of Him to help us to grow by moving us out of our comfortable lives to bless others and we are changed forever at the same time.
Working in Kenya the last 7 years has broken all the boundaries of our trust in God and we can say with our hands on our hearts, "it has done us good" as well as our friends in Kenya.
Just a few of the children who are waiting for the clothes which are sitting in our container in Mombasa port.
Only one thing is left to complete and that is our 6m3 of brand new school trousers, rugby shirts, sweat shirts, school shirts and other clothing, knitted blankets, toys and a whole curriculum of text and reading school books. We sent the shipment last August after a great deal of collecting from around the country and vacuum packing of 72 boxes!
It arrived in Mombasa on 17th November 2016 and since then has been held by clearance, customs and storage officials in Mombasa port. We paid £1,436 and were informed  'everything' was included. However on arrival in Mombasa clearance agents demanded another £1,200. Geoffrey (our coordinator in Kenya) sent this money to them believing it would release the goods and we could claim it back in the UK, even though this £1,200 was the money left in Kenya to complete the inside of our Conqueror's Centre, (home for vulnerable orphans in Chemwa village).

The situation has grown steadily worse as clearance officials took months to complete clearance and the whole time our shipment was being charged for storage by another company. The people who we sent the shipment through in the UK are looking into it for us but all the time storage costs are mounting. (The storage company are now demanding around $1,000 (US) to release our goods.) Free 2 Be has no money in the UK or in Kenya to pay any more costs to receive the precious consignment of goods. It has been nothing short of a nightmare, causing a great deal of stress as you can imagine. Our widows, orphans and youths in the 2 villages were promised their clothes, school uniforms, knitted blankets, toys and school books in January and, as yet, they still don't have them!

Please join us in praying for a speedy solution and get in touch if you know of any other means of solving the challenge. We did wonder if anyone reading of our situation is aware of someone in one of the big charities or government who might have compassion on our cause and would be willing to get involved in helping to release our container in Mombasa? Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you can help.

We know our God is well able to deliver the clothing and books to His children in Kenya and as we walk in faith, believing for His best, He is working on our behalf to turn this situation around for the good of those who love Him and are precious in His sight. 
This is the quality of the clothing we have waiting to be delivered to the children in the container in Mombasa. You can see how happy the orphans and youth are when they received the samples we took for them in January!!
Our Conqueror's Centre for youth and children who are living in undesirable situations with surrogate families is almost ready, but the last jobs we're not completed due to the £1,200 being sent to Mombasa to clear our shipment!

Free 2 Be Primary School is looking good.

A new entrance and gates to create a secure environment. Glass in the windows and a paint job all round.
From 1 leaky tap running onto the children's feet to 3 multi-level washing sinks with drainage! We can see Mike is happy with the improvements and Vike our youngest can reach too!
The team in January had a great time training the teacher's and with the children. Our school is nearing self-sustainability with a shop on site. We have 4 teacher's who are still being trained (thank you to those who have helped considerably with the training fees). Once this is complete we will begin to attract fee paying children (from local businesses in town) and then our school will be totally self-sustaining.
Some of you who have sponsored children in the past are continuing to write to your sponsor child, they are always delighted to hear from you and their faces light up when they know their sponsor has sent them a card or letter. Please email us your letters and we will pass them onto Pastor Julius. 
They enjoyed playing with the new toys, learning about different fruits and finally tasting them!! 
The men enjoyed installing the new computers, laptops and range of new tools we had bought from TWAM.
You can enjoy more of our photos and be encouraged and inspired on our personal Facebook page.
....and on our Free 2 Be Facebook page.
So proud of our teacher's and children, walking in a spirit of excellence in their new smart school.
Invite us to come and share our story.
While we were a registered charity (5 and a half years) we bought land in both villages and as we were lead by God and supported by YOU, together we accomplished the above! We give God ALL the glory for all that has been done and for all His love released into the peoples lives in rural Western Kenya.
Our last message to the congregation as we left the villages in January was that we can hear God and have faith but how are we faith-ful? Ask us to come and share this and our experiences to find out more!

We have finished the race, done all that He showed us to do with excellence, kept the faith and know God is saying "well done good and faithful servants". We are rejoicing in the joy of the Lord. We are also looking forward to taking those of you who have expressed an interest in visiting the villages. Now that our infrastructure is in place, you can enjoy spending time with the local people.

We could not have done any of the mission in Kenya without your love, support, believing in us and praying for us. We thank God for you being there for us and we thank you more than you will ever know for all that you have done to help us accomplish all that has been done in Chemwa and Khaoya villages in rural Western Kenya.

As many of you know John is working part-time for Shake The Nations. Kate is taking some time out with God to rest and be refreshed as they both seek God for their future. One thing for sure; it will involve revealing God's plan for Him setting His people...Free2Be....everything He created them to be!!

We thank God as we celebrate this weekend and all that God has done for us through Jesus death and resurrection. Be exceptionally blessed as you too celebrate His love for YOU.
Contact: Kate and John Jergas
01709 889484 or 07798 794946
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.free-2-be.org

Should you wish to support Kate and John in God's ministry of revealing the truth and setting people Free 2 Be.... all He created them to be. Your gifts will be used to help them continue to visit the villages in Kenya to encourage and inspire the local people, and on other missions as God leads them in the future.

Thank you to all those of you who have supported our mission in Kenya and who continue to support us and believe with us for God's goodness and love to be revealed to the world.

God bless you abundantly in His goodness and His love.

Kate and John 
Free 2 Be
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