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Fun and laughter as the mission is accomplished....
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A great mission trip and much accomplished...let the pictures reveal just a few of the precious moments and the rest we'll share in the Summer newsletter. Thank you to all of you who were praying for us, God certainly revealed His love to His people through the activities that took place.
Don't miss our personal news, testimonials and the crazy video at the end!!
A Job WELL Done!!
Great Rejoicing over a well in the garden, this is such a blessing for the ladies, who will no longer have to walk 500 meters to fetch dirty water from the river.
Christ-ianity is to show 'love in action' through support and encouragement to widows and orphans in need. James 1:27
Shoes that Grow
Baby and Middle Class are so happy with their new "Shoes that Grow" and their school bag.
120 children later...all with big smiles to go with their new shoes and bag. Thank you to every one who gave so generously to this project. 
I was in Prison and You Visited Me    Matthew 25 :36
Nicky encouraged the men to respond to the call from Jesus to "Follow Me" and around 50 of them did. We took enough soap for all 900 inmates which was greatly appreciated but above everything they asked if we could bring them some Bibles. So many of you responded and so generously, we were able to supply 90 Bibles to the men a few weeks later.
We sent over 5 cu m of clothing, tools and educational equipment to Kenya last year via TWAM and ToolAid. Unfortunately they are now only shipping their own tools to Kenya which leaves us in a difficult situation as we have a lot of brand new uniforms ready to be shipped. Please get in touch if you know of any other organisations offering shipping options. Thank you.
Fun at Games Time in F2B Primary
A  Free 2 Be partner in the UK with children very dear to their heart gave an anonymous donation to be used for outdoor toys for the children and to help pay the teacher's wages. The children and teachers had such fun at games time with all the equipment. It wasn't easy to capture in photos 120 children all having so much fun!! 
Teacher's Paid at Last!
Paying the teachers has been a big problem for the school, however we are very grateful to the donor mentioned above, a trust fund and 2 monthly partners who have given towards this need. We were able to pay what we owed the teachers from last year and leave enough money to pay them for the next few months too, understandably they are very happy. 
Baptisms in the River
We had the honour of baptising 16 people in the river in January. This is always a very special time followed by a celebration of dancing in the church led by the youth.
Michael (being baptised below) left school last year and and has begun working as a labourer for a local builder who was kept busy by Free 2 Be in January and February. We got to know Michael well, he is such an enthusiastic worker and whatever he turns his hand to he does with passion and joy. 
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Opportunities are All Around Us
On my last Sunday I spoke on "taking opportunities", Moureen responded immediately and got a nice surprise. Later that day she took another opportunity and asked me if we could help her to get a sponsor to pay last years arrears and current years fees at nursing college. I advertised this need on Facebook and 2 anonymous donors came forward to pay the fees allowing her to continue nursing. You really are blessing our friends in Kenya beyond measure, thank you so much.
Opportunities to be a blessing

Dorcas and Rose completed secondary education last year and have moved on to learning tailoring and computers at F2B training college. We have several others who left school last year who are longing to start learning a trade. If you would like to sponsor one of them for as little as £10 a month please contact us, you could transform a whole family’s future.

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Sunday's are Very Special
Sundays are special. Nicky blessed us all with his teachings and Maureen had the children enthralled with "Sally" the puppet. The market place crusades were an experience not to be missed.
The Safe House
Work on the "Safe House" began just 2 weeks before we left the area, we made enough progress for Pastor Julius, Metrine and the orphan children to entertain us there on the last evening with a feast. They moved in 3 days after we left and are praising God for their new "Safe House." Thank you to Shake The Nations Ministries for having a big input in this project.
Sponsorship is Changing and Transforming Lives

Sponsorship has played an enormous part in this years visit. We now have 14 teenagers attending various secondary schools and 42 children in F2B Primary with full or half sponsorships. (We have 125 children registered.) Maureen joined us on this years visit to meet her sponsored children, she can be seen here paying some of their school fees at one of the secondary schools. And at F2B Primary spending time with Moses.

F2B Primary School pupils are transformed when they connect with a sponsor. It builds their confidence and self-esteem tremendously to know they are loved and accepted by someone who cares enough to make sure they get an education, 2 meals a day, a uniform and all their educational equipment, all for £20 per month. We're sure you will enjoy photos of the moments they received gifts and wrote letters to their sponsors. In order of appearance left to right  1. Henry  2. Naomi  3. Abuid  4. Yvonne  5 Caleb  6. Josephine
Sponsorship Opportunities

Hello my name is Mike Wekesa. I am 4 years old and in Baby Class at Free 2 Be School. I live with my grandma and my daddy. He is very sick and no-one knows where my mummy is. My grandma is looking after us, but she is old. I am happy when I come to school I like to play with a ball, I have my dinner and porridge and sleep on a soft bed in the afternoon. I want a sponsor so I can draw a picture for them. Is there a sponsor for me please?

Clean Water A Top Priority
The water filters delivered to 35 families last year were ready for a new filter, Shake the Nations Ministries stepped in to share the load in paying for these so our villagers can have 99.8% pure water again for another year. Another big thank you to them for helping our people stay healthy.
Free  2 Be Healthy!
Many of you who've been connected to Free 2 Be for a number of years will know that our vision began in 1997 and has always been to encourage and enable people in all walks of life to become all that God created them to be. Due to Kate's health issues over the last few years we have done a great deal of research on nutrition and health. What we have learnt has been an eyeopener and we can now understand why there is such a vast array of illness's affecting so many of those we know and love. Particularly those in the Body of Christ. We have been privileged to join up with a group of like minded friends in Yorkshire and are discovering many of the root causes and solutions to these increasingly common ailments. We discovered our bodies were lacking in essential nutrients no longer present in our food, we found a source of the nutrients and had such life-changing results from taking them, we began distributing them. We look forward to sharing many more of these truths with you in the coming months knowing that it is "the truth that sets us free" 2 be all that God created us to be. 
God wants us fit and healthy so we can fulfil His purpose for our lives. He gave us bodies that are fearfully and wonderfully made, our part is to give them what they need so we can walk in optimum health, as He intended. This means putting back what has been removed from our food by modern, intensive food production methods, which have been in operation for the last 40 - 50 years. 

3 John 1:2  Beloved I pray that you will prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
“After salvation, next comes health, for without health you cannot function as God ordained you to do” 
Quote - Dr Donald Whittaker  “Feel Better & Live Longer Through The Divine Connection”
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A word from Nicky and Maureen on the mission trip this year.
Having just returned from my first trip to Kenya with free 2 be I found it a very blessed time. Working with Kate is a  fantastic experience. It is like being with a 'whirlwind for God' in the amount achieved and the spirit of joy with which it is achieved. The hand of the Lord on the ministry is very obvious. The thing that I found best was that Kate has a 'provision' mindset which enabled us to enter every task knowing it would be completed. This attitude encouraged everyone else to put their best into what we were doing and enabled us to join our faith with hers. If you want to build your faith up in God's provision for what He has called you to do then a trip with Kate should be a top priority. - Nicky

I want to say to you a big heart felt thank you for allowing me to be part of your vision over in that beautiful country of Kenya. 
To have the blessed experience of meeting all those lovely people and children will live and be part of my heart for the rest of my life. - Maureen

New Knickers All Round !!!
Is this the 1st time in history that pants have been distributed to orphans in this way??? It was the evening of our last day at F2B Primary School and we realised we hadn't given the children the underwear kindly donated by Linda. There was no choice it had to be a very public display much to the children's horror, then after the initial shock, giggles echoed for miles around. We had so much fun, we're going to do it like this all the time now! Click on the picture below to watch and listen! to the fun on the video.
We have so much more news to share about our last visit to the villages, you can find out lots more on Facebook  by clicking on the link below. We will also share more news from this trip in our Summer Newsletter. If you have supported a particular project and it's not mentioend here, please contact us and we'll email you some pictures personally. 
The Practical Stuff!

As per usual EVERY penny of your donations go to Kenya to be used directly on a specific project. We are one of very few charities which has a 100% policy, meaning NOTHING is taken from the gifts you give to Free 2 Be. That's right, absolutely nothing! Not flights or travel expenses, wages, administration costs such as printing or office expenses. Making Free 2 Be  so incredibly 100% effective. We believe in absolute transparency and good stewardship of that which you entrust us with.

To donate to Free 2 Be projects in the UK please use:-
Account Name: Free 2 Be Ministries International
Account No: 01450689
Sort Code: 40-15-09

If you are outside the UK please use:
HSBC: Free 2 Be Ministries International
Foreign payment Bank Cod

Kate and John do not take any money from your donations to support themselves. If you would like to support them directly, donations can be made to their personal bank account below.

Nationwide Building Society
Account Name:  J & KD Jergas
Account Number 17991284
Sort Code: 07 01 16

A very big thank you to those of you who have already responded with single love gifts and those who have set up standing orders.

Contact: Kate & John Jergas  01709 208279 or 07798 794946
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   website: www.free-2-be.org

NZ contact: Angela & Peter Rodenhurst
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NZ Bank details:
Free 2 Be Westpac Account: 0306380744084000

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