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Important Update...Action needed! 
Don't miss the Free 2 Be Happy song by the children at the end!!
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Here are Kelly and Levi, We first met these children personally when we visited their home in 2010. Their mother was paralysed from a stroke and couldn't move. Kelly and Levi were sitting with her and our hearts went out to them. She died a few months later making them orphans. They live with their grandma, Rispah one of the ladies we built a house for in 2013. As you can see, they now have hope and a future and are happy despite all that life has thrown at them from a  very early age.

It is with much joy that we can announce to you the good news that our God inspired mission in Kenya in practical terms is nearing completion. The time has come for the reins to be handed to the people, the hand-up has been given and it is time for them to rise up and take ownership and responsibility and to use what God has placed in their hands.

As you can see our polytunnel is providing for the widows and orphans along with a vast array or fruit trees and other vegetables. The banana tree below was planted just 11 months ago.
A couple of photos we have just received of a papaya tree we planted 2 years ago  bearing much fruit and more bananas.
School life at Free 2 Be Primary School is nothing like it was back in 2012 when we first started to help out with the school. Children sat squashed together on desks to learn and on the floor outside to eat their 2 meals a day. Now for the first time they have a dining hall (which doubles as an assembly hall and a church on Sundays) with chairs and tables.
The carpentry class has done a great job of making furniture for the school. The top 2 classes now have beautiful desks and new plastic chairs which double up for use in church on Sunday. The younger ones have sturdy wooden chairs. Every class has  pigeon holes for storage so bags and coats are no longer all over the floor.
The school got a fresh lick of paint outside, Baby class now have mattresses for their afternoon sleep, a vinyl floor and lots of toys. 2 new classrooms were built for the top 2 classes too.
We extended 2 widows houses for their growing families, both Maureen and Nicky enjoyed building with mud.
A house fire caused by a kerosene lamp left a family homeless and a baby girl dead. Although this was in a neighbouring village we were able to rebuild the house providing new iron sheets and wood for the roof. The blankets, clothes and toys were a blessing we took when we visited again to minister and pray.
Mattress deliveries have always been an important part of our visits.
The first orphans to live with Pastor Julius and Metrine in the "Safe House" which was completed this year. From left to right: Velma, Samuel, Lina, Metrine and Baby Vike.
James 1:27 Christ-ianity is to show ‘love in action’ through support and encouragement to widows and orphans in need
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Since charity registration on 7th July 2011
Free 2 Be has raised £200,000.00 and
Set up 65 people in business
Built a technical training college.
Built a 15m x 8m poly tunnel and planted over 200 fruit trees
Set up 2 agricultural projects & built a chicken house.
Installed a 30,000 litre water harvesting tank.
Paid for 15 teenagers to complete secondary education.
Built a primary school providing education, uniforms, 2 meals a day to 126 orphans.
Built a 20 cubicle shower block and composting toilet facilities. 

Built a “safe house” for orphans on the Pastor’s land.
Dug 5 wells fitted them with either solar, diesel or hand pumps and constructed water tanks to provide a gravity fed water supply to over 300 people.
Baptised over 60 people and seen many healed.
Held numerous village crusades seeing dozens saved.
Provided countless soap and Bibles to prisoners.
   Installed 5 solar electricity systems, with a generator back up.
Organised and treated over 100 people in “Jigger Campaigns”
Delivered pallets of clothing to assist widows and orphans.
Provided 39 water filters giving 99.9% pure water to over 400 people.
Delivered over 40 mattresses to widows.
Sent countless tools via TWAM and mosquito nets via unicef.
Supplied 21 fuel saving cookers to widows.
In all over 400 lives have been vastly transformed for the better.

We greatly appreciate NONE of this could have been achieved without God speaking to your hearts and you faithfully responding.
Thank you and may God bless you mightily.

We are so very grateful for all your prayers, love and sacrificial giving over the last 5 years. A generous anonymous donation recently received will be used as Kate goes to the area in September to complete the remaining building work. 
In Genesis 11 God talks of what man is able to do when they gather together having one purpose and language, you have played an important part in helping us bring total transformation to over 400 lives in one of the poorest parts of the world and we can’t thank you enough for being part of Free 2 Be in Kenya. 

We are in the middle of packing a mountain of clothes we have 69 boxes packed and counting. We estimate this next shipment will be 4 cu m and weigh in at 800kg's costing us £2 per kilo to get it to Nairobi. We need your prayers to get it through customs clearance without being charged exorbitant fees and then safely up to the villages by lorry.
Another shipment of the "Shoe that Grows" were recently received into the villages, we are looking forward to unpacking and blessing more children with in September. Watch this space for more photos of happy faces and feet!! when they receive them!!
We have had a few pairs of the Shoe that Grows delivered into the UK, because some of you were asking if you could buy them for your children and grandchildren. They come in small (approx age 4-8) or large (approx age 9-13) and cost us £13 including a red, "shoe that grows bag" (ideal for P.E. or swimming.) It will probably cost about £3 for us to post to you in the UK. If you would like to order some please contact Kate and John at 01709 208279 or 07798 794946 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We also have Free 2 Be bags available now, again ideal for P.E or swimming. They are the same size and made of a similar strong fabric to the red "Shoe that Grows" bag and cost just £2.99. We think you will agree they send out the message loud and clear,
that God wants us to be
"Free 2 Be...everything He created us to be" 


With this in mind Kate and the trustees will be closing down the registered charity at the end of this financial year. Kate will still visit the villages on a missionary basis to encourage and minister to the villagers we have grown to know and love. Fund-raising and registered charity status will not be necessary for this, leaving Kate and John time and energy to provide an income for themselves after over 5 years of running Free 2 Be on a volunteer basis. They will continue to keep you updated with news in the villages and of how God is leading them into new directions.
We are pleased to answer any questions you may have 
and are available to come and minister and share further updates with your church or group as we always have in the past. 
Donations can be received into the F2B account until 31st July 2016, the Free 2 Be bank account will be closed to receiving donations on 1st August 2016.

Please cancel your standing orders to the Free 2 Be account so that your July payment is the last one we receive. 
We’re sure you will agree, by having the policy of 100% of donations being used on fulfilling our purpose. It has enabled us to be incredibly effective in such a short time. You can give into the Free 2 Be account below until 31st July if there is a desire in your heart to touch a life in Kenya.
To donate from the UK to 
Free 2 Be projects please use:
Account Name: Free 2 Be Ministries International
Account No: 01450689
Sort Code: 40-15-09
For payments from outside UK:
Foreign payment Bank Code IBAN:GB82MIDL40150901450689
Contact: Kate & John Jergas
01709 208279 or
07798 794946 or Email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
NZ contact: Angela & Peter Rodenhurst Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Free 2 Be is Kate and John's full-time ministry, they do not take any money from your donations to support themselves. If you would like to support them directly then donations can be made to their personal bank account below.
Very big thanks to those of you who have already responded with love gifts and those who have set up standing orders.
Nationwide Building Society
Account Name:  
J & KD Jergas
Account Number 17991284

Sort Code: 07 01 16

Thank you so much for being part of this life transforming ministry and
God bless you,
from Kate, John and the Free 2 Be trustees.

We'd like to leave you with a video of the children singing a song that Kate wrote for them and Shirley Howitt created the music.
F2B Me song
When I wake up in the morning I am happy, when I think of your love for me.
My heart fills with praise and my arms start to raise, I feel like dancing I am free.
My feet start dancing because I’m happy, because I know that Jesus loves me
My feet start dancing because I’m happy, I’m free, I’m free 2 be me!
A very special thank you to all of our current monthly donors who received the knowledge of our changes a few days ago and have sent the most beautiful and encouraging messages of "well done" it has been so precious to read them and to know you are standing with us as we gradually hand over to our friends in Kenya. We have 2 supporters we are trying to contact who's surnames are Griffiths and Tandy, if you know someone of this name could you please put us in touch with them so we can share our news with them before our account closes.
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