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We are delighted to bring you good news of great joy on our recent visit to Chemwa and Khaoya villages in Western Kenya. We were met with a flourishing agricultural project in full swing on the training college site and brick making at the school in order to repair the end wall of the main hall. All in all the projects are fairing well and working towards self-sustainability. Teacher's wages being the most challenging issue at the end of 2017 and the need to build a classroom for the new class 7 year group starting back the new school year on 2nd January! Growth and progress bring new challenges to overcome, but this only serves to make us stronger!
We planted and watered, God gave the increase and we enjoyed the fruit!
Ida (far left) recently became an orphan when her dad recently died in October this year. She lives with her grand-mama now. She is happy because she has a safe place to sleep, food and clothes to wear. These children are not even aware that the rest of the world give and receive gifts at Christmas. They have so little and yet are happy because they are loved and cared for.  We could learn a lot from our Kenyan friends about what is truly valuable, especially at this time of year.

May God bless you with the most joyful Christmas ever as you experience the true meaning of giving and receiving love. God's greatest gift, His love in action is Jesus. It was exactly 29 years ago when we realised that this IS the Christmas story. How could we miss it? and yet we do in all the tinsel and glitter; unless of course we seek to know 'the Truth' and follow the star to find Him.
We hope and pray that you do because it contains love, joy and peace that is beyond comprehension.
Tremendous thanks to one of our anonymous loyal supporters who took it upon themselves and completed the Conqueror's Centre singlehandedly. The orphans in Chemwa village have enjoyed living there this year. Ivyn, Joy and Levi are so happy to have such a beautiful home to stay in. 
David was enthusiastic to visit the villages after reading our last years' Trustees Annual Report. He wasn't disappointed with the love and joy he experienced when he visited the villagers just last week. David writes....
Dear Kate 
I would like to thank you for taking me on a most wonderful experience to see the work you have been carrying out in Kenya.
It was a huge privilege to meet people in the villages and be welcomed into their homes, to experience the love that they have and express, when they are materially so poor. It was a truly humbling experience.
To see the impact that has been made on so many people whose lives have been changed for the better, was inspirational, I am blessed to have been able to support some of them, albeit in a small way, by committing to sponsor some of the very special children directly.
It was evident how Free 2 Be has been a beacon of hope to the local people.  May you continue to have the strength and devotion to continue transforming their lives and giving people like myself the opportunity to help them in some small way.
My deepest thanks to you
Some sponsors have determined to continue sponsoring the children and teachers through their education. They have set up accounts to save their donations and send their support directly. 
This recent visit was a real joy for Kate. Now one year on from closing Free 2 Be as a registered charity. It was such a blessing to spend quality time with friends she has grown to know and love over the past 10 years. Kate has had a year of transitioning into her new role of facilitating those who have a desire to visit the projects in Bungoma, to experience firsthand the love and joy of spending time with the local people. She has been approached by other charities and individuals who want to continue directly, with the work that Free 2 Be has established in the villages. They have been moved by the transformation from dire poverty to lives changed beyond imagination and want to offer support individually. They can see how little effort it takes to further educate and see more children fulfilling their dreams and reaching their potential to be all they were created to be.
A visit to West Special School was incredibly fruitful as we arranged for 3 very special children to visit, (Samuel, Dennis and Judy) who had been locked in a house, beaten and forgotten. The boys began to feel at ease and enjoy playing together with the wheelbarrows after just a short time at the school. Presently they do not speak but we believe this will change when they begin to experience the love at West Special School. Also, many of you will remember Martin who suffered so badly with 'jiggers" back in 2013. He too will be learning at West Special School from next month. Evelyn, Kutete and their team are strategically placed to bring God's love and goodness to these very special children. David has chosen to support one of the children directly with West Special School and has committed to finding sponsors for the other 2 children. If you would like to be part of the transformation of these children's lives please get in touch with Kate and John using the contact details below, they will connect you with David.
It was such a treat to be able to spend special times with our family in Chemwa village because there was no building work to oversee on the recent trip.
If you would like us to come and share our inspirational story of transforming lives in the rural Kenyan villages please get in touch using the details below.
This is headteacher Dan's phone. Please donate your used phones (unlocked and reset to factory settings to ensure your privacy) to help our teachers to stay connected and run the school efficiently. We have a team leaving in January to experience life in the villages, please get in touch if you would like to send gifts with them.
To travel to the villages and see how God can work through you to help set others 'free 2 be all' they were created to be; you can contact us here....
Kate and John 
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 01709 889484 or 07798 794946

We wish you a truly inspirational Christmas and a very blessed New Year.

Kate and John
Free 2 Be
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